MCOC 051 Oil filter

Oil filter
Oil Filters

MCOC 051 Oil filter

MANN-FILTER:W 1160, W 1170/2FLEETGUARD:LF 3506, LF3506, LF3581HENGST FILTER:H 210 W 01, H210W01DONALDSON:P550945
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Reach Information

SVHC declaration according to regulation EC 1907/2006 on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

As MC Filter, we are aware of REACH and we fulfill all legal obligations under this regulation.

We inform you that, to the best of knowledge available, this product does not contain any SVHC listed on the Candidate List at a concentration above 0.1% (w/w).

MC Filter

A.L. FILTER:ALO-6511ALCO FILTER:SP-1018ASAS FILTER:SP 610BALDWIN:B-7116, B7116BOSCH:0 451 301 207BOSCH (KSN):P1207CHAMP / CHAMP INTERNATIONAL:LFP 8099CLEAN FILTERS:DO 1806COOPERS:LSF 5141COOPERS FIAAM:FT5220CROSLAND:2090DIGOEMA FILTER:DGM/O 5220DT Dieseltechnic:3.14102, 314102ELOFIC:EXL-512FEBI-BILSTEIN:35372FERRA:FSO1017FIAMM:FT 5220FIL FILTER:ZP 24 AFILTRON:OP 626FRAM:PH 5353, PH5353GIF-FILTER:GL 301GUD:Z 315HIFI-FILTER (Jura Filtration):SO3506INCOFLUX:567165, 567142KOLBENSCHMIDT:465-OS, 50 013 465LUBER-FINER:LFP 8099M-FILTER:MH3383, MH 3383M.A.N:51.05501.7180, 51.05501.7165, 51.05501.7166, 51.05501.7160, 51.05501.7161, 51.05501-7160, 51.05501-7161, 51.05501-7165, 51.05501-7166, 51.05501-7180, 64.05501-7001MAHLE FILTER:OC 206, AW 165MECA FILTER:ELH 4742, FH 135 VMEYLE:12-14 322 0003MISFAT:Z292MONARK-DIESEL:30 758 086OEM:51055017160OTOKAR:315616P.B.R.:BC-1235, BC-1225PERMATIC (MECAFILTER):FH 135 VPUROLATOR:L 47245PZL SEDZISZOW:PP-151QWP:WOF176RENAULT TRUCKS (OKELIA):50 21 107 401SAMPIYON FILTER:CS 1504, CS1504SARDES FILTER:SO 951SCHUPP / SF FILTER:SP 4359SCT GERMANY:SM 147SCTURBO:AWM-110180SOFIMA:S 3292 RSOGEFI PRO:FT5220SOLARIS BUS:1102736040, 2004321000TECNOCAR:R 241, R241TEHO FILTER:4304, OK 304TRP DAF (TRUCK AND TRAILER):1500949, 1535581TYPAR:TRO-581U.F.I.:23.292.00UNICO FILTER:LI 10178VAICO:V34-0020WF-FILTER PZL SEDZISZOW:PP-151WIX FILTERS:92019EWYTWORNIA FILTROW PZL:PP-151