MCCK 129 Cabin Filter

Cabin Filter
Cabin Filters

MCCK 129 Cabin Filter

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Reach Information

SVHC declaration according to regulation EC 1907/2006 on Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH).

As MC Filter, we are aware of REACH and we fulfill all legal obligations under this regulation.

We inform you that, to the best of knowledge available, this product does not contain any SVHC listed on the Candidate List at a concentration above 0.1% (w/w).

MC Filter

    • P (P230 - P490)
      Engine CodeccmkWPSYear of manufacture
      P 420DC12 14-420 E330942009/04-->
      P 340DC12 10-340 E425034005/06-->
      P 380DC12 13-380 E428038010/05-->
      P 230DC9-01/04/13-230 E316923009/04-->
      P 270DC9 12-270 E319827009/04-->
      P 310DC9 11-310 E322831009/04-->
      P 360DC13 06-360 E526536010/07-->
      P 400DC13 05-400 E529440010/07-->
      P 370DC13 116-370 E627237010/13-->
      P 410DC13 115-410 E630241010/13-->
      P 450DC13 124-450 E633145010/13-->
      P 490DC13 125-490 E636049010/13-->
      P 480DT12 17-480 E435348009/06-->
      P 310 CNGOC9 G05 E5/6/EEV22430501/11-->
      P 340 CNGOC09.102 E5/6/EEV25034001/11-->
      P 280 CNGOC09 101 280 E5/E6/EEV20628003/13-->
      P 280DC9 29/36/38-280 E5/EEV20628010/07-->
      P 320DC9 28-320 E523532010/07-->
      P 250DC09 109/111-250 E5/618425001/12-->
    • G (G230 - G490)
      Engine CodeccmkWPSYear of manufacture
      G 230DC9 16-230 E416923010/07-->
      G 270DC9 17-270 E419827010/07-->
      G 310DC9 18-310 E422831010/07-->
      G 340DC12 10-340 E425034010/07-->
      G 380DC12 13-380 E428038010/07-->
      G 420DT12 12-420 E430942010/07-->
      G 480DT12 17-480 E435348010/07-->
      G 440DC13 10-440 E5, DC13109-440 E632444004/10-->
      G 470DT12 06-470 E334547010/07-->
      G 250DC09 111-250 E618425010/13-->
      G 280DC09 113-280 E620628010/13-->
      G 320DC09 108-320 E623532010/13-->
      G 360DC09 112-360 E626536010/13-->
      G 370DC13 116-370 E627237010/13-->
      G 410DC13 115-410 E630241010/13-->
      G 450DC13 124/147-450 E633145010/13-->
      G 490DC13 125-490 E636049010/13-->
      G 280 CNGOC09 101 280 E5/E6/EEV20628003/13-->
      G 340 CNGOC09.102 E5/6/EEV25034001/11-->
    • R (R230 - R730)
      Engine CodeccmkWPSYear of manufacture
      R 230DC9 13/DC9 19 E316923006/04-->
      R 270DC9 12/DC9 20 E319827006/04-->
      R 310DC9 11/ DC9 21 E322831006/04-->
      R 340DC11 08-340 E325034006/04-->
      R 380DC11 09-380 E327938006/04-->
      R 420DC12 14-420 E330942006/04-->
      R 470DT12 06-470 E334547006/04-->
      R 500DC16 04-500 E336850006/04-->
      R 580DC16 03-580 E342658006/04-->
      R 620DC16 08-620 E445662005/06-->
      R 560DC16 05-560 E441256002/06-->
      R 480DT12 17-480 E435348009/06-->
      R 360DC13 06-360 E526536010/07-->
      R 400DC13 05-400 E529440010/07-->
      R 440DC13 10/109-440 E5/632444010/07-->
      R 730DC16 21/103-730 E5/EEV/E653773005/10-->
      R 450DC13 124/147-450 E633145010/13-->
      R 520DC16-101-520 E638252010/13-->
      R 490DC13 125-490 E636049010/13-->
      R 410DC13 115-410 E630241010/13-->
      R 370DC13 116-370 E627237010/13-->
      R 320DC09 108-320 E623532010/13-->
      R 280DC09 113-280 E620628010/13-->
      R 250DC09 111-250 E618425010/13-->
HIFI-FILTER (Jura Filtration):SC 60048 CARENAULT VI:7424993602SAKURA:CAC-83020